Chabot Gun Club-Safe and valuable community resource


Petition by Jason Siegel

To be delivered to Ayn Wieskamp, President, EBRPD board of directors

This petition is to show we support the Chabot Gun Club marksmanship range as a safe place to shoot. This is a valuable community resource in that it promotes firearms training and safe use among local citizens.
There are currently 3,715 signatures. NEW goal – We need 4,000 signatures! (3/14/2014)


This is a petition to counter another petition that wants to ban the Chabot range.

UPDATE: Since the original petition to close the range has been abandoned, it has been replaced by a petition to stop or limit the noise created by the gunfire. Here is a reasonable stance in support of the range:
-The Chabot range is arguably the finest and safest place to practice firearms use in the Bay Area.
-As the EBRPD is a public resource we have as much right to use the park as other users.
-If you take the park district’s entire land area into consideration, this range, and the sound generated by it, occupies a small fraction of the park.
-To close the range would disproportionately discriminate against the rights of tens of thousands park users to satisfy the desires of, as it stands now, less than one thousand.
-Even to try to enclose it within a sound proof barrier would impose unreasonable costs…to be born by an as yet to be determined body of people.
-We call on the EBRPD to renew the Chabot Gun Club’s lease to operate the range as a non-profit public service. And, ideally, write into the EBRPD by laws that this range lease never fail to be renewed for reasons of public protest, as long as the range is maintained as a safe and frequented public resource.

Diablo Rod & Gun Club Gear

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Calendar of Upcoming Events

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Diablo Social

Club Socials are held in the USI clubhouse on the third Tuesday of every month. All the food, soft drinks, and beer are provided (free) – you need only to bring your appetite. Diablo Club members, family, and a guest are welcome. Come and help set up the buffet around 5pm and we’ll start eating around 5:30 pm. If you can’t get there early, please come anyway. We keep the food out until about 8 pm, so stop by on your way home from work.

For more information, contact Mark Hadox (925) 813-2535

Diablo Action Pistol

Diablo Action Pistol, often called “DAP”, is a very popular program in the club. They have their own website which provides pictures and information. Click HERE to go to their website.